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Hello! and thank you for your interest in our featured book Hip Hop Froggie and the Blueberry Dragon.


As a lifelong fan of countless bedtime stories my mother read to me as a child, my personal favorites include titles like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I loved the stories so much that I would often pretend be a princess and even prayed for my skin to be white so that I could become a real princess. And though my skin color never changed, I continued to treasure those and many other stories featuring characters who simply did not look like me, my parents, my playmates or even my home.

When I became an adult, like my mother, I read the very same stories to my baby girl. And likewise, she did the same for her children. Oddly enough, both my daughter and granddaughter made similar requests - to be white like Cinderella for my daughter and Elsa of Frozen for my granddaughter. 


Our three generations of absolute elation for classical bedtime stories presented this truth: The supporting characters did not look like either of us - A truth which caused me to weigh the need and importance for children of color to have access to storybooks featuring supporting characters who look like them and to be able to add these books to their collection of all-time favorite storytime/bedtime stories. 


A passion for memorable storylines comprised of inspiration and relatable characters is my 'why' for writing Hip Hop Froggie and the Blueberry Dragon - A poetic bedtime story featuring a baby of color and whimsical characters discovering that bugs and creatures, like people who look different and face different challenges, actually do many of the same things and share many of the same needs. And, one all important need, required by all bugs, creatures and people throughout the universe is revealed in this story - the need for sleep!


It is my hope that you will enjoy Hip Hop Froggie and the Blueberry Dragon along with your little ones and include it in your print or ebook libraries alongside other storytime/bedtime classics and favorites for many generations to come. 


A factual tidbit: A first read of Hip Hop Froggie and the Blueberry Dragon to my grandchildren resulted in a gentle nudge from my husband, Van; revealing that the reading had been effective in putting both me and the kids to sleep.


Pleasant dreams and Peaceful Zzzz's

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