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Hello and Welcome! I am pleased to meet you!

I am Femisha - The wife of my endearing Hallmark movie-type husband Van with whom I share a blended family of 2 daughters, 4 sons and 14 grandchildren. Date nights (spanning from Friday thru Sunday), baking homemade desserts (like banana pudding and peach cobbler) and watching the birds, squirrels and deer feed in our yard top my list of favorites! And the next 10 words 'It will be very hard for you to be successful' birthed my love, my passion and my adoration for writing.


Years ago, during my first day of college in English 1101, the professor instructed each of us to write a one-page essay with the title Why I Enrolled In College. During the next class, my essay was returned with the words It will be very hard for you to be successful scrolled across the top. Though those words did hurt, instead of giving up and dropping out of school, I visited the campus bookstore to find a book that would help improve my writing skills. After purchasing The Scott Foresman Handbook For Writers, I studied intently, rewrote the essay and resubmitted it. The following week, the essay was returned with a note which read,  I will attend your graduation! 

I earned a B.S. in Business in the top 10% of my graduation class and went on to win a 2004 $1000 Makeover and Shopping Spree Contest by Burdine's writing contest which included a shopping spree, a full makeover, a seven second clip on Channel 7 WTVJ and a featured article in The Miami Herald newspaper.

Fast forward and...

Who could've imagined those 10 words 'It will be very hard for you to be successful' would be foundation of my 'why' for creative-writing as a self-published author in both the adult novel and children's short story genres featuring people of color as supporting characters.

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To be continued..., Femisha!

Then and Now...