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Hello! and thank you so much for stopping by to learn about my newest books 

Hip Hop Froggie and the Blueberry Dragon - for the kids


When He Gets Here - for the grown and sexy!


When He Gets Here is a revised version of the initial self-published book debuted in 2010. 

Situations, circumstances and relationships aka 'life' stopped me. However, I am grateful to God for His grace, mercy and time to get back on track. And I am once again 'ready' to present to you - the revised version of When He Gets Here! While the story follows the original moral; I felt compelled to develop the characters, the story line and the cover to speak more to the challenges encountered when Nikkie was forced to choose between love, lust or both...


Note: Even if you read the first version - this one has so many additional twists and turns you may find yourself wondering if this is indeed a totally new read. But trust me, though it reads like a totally new book with the same-named characters - albeit is a revision... Enjoy!


Get ready to meet Nikkie, her lovers and girlfriends as they embark on the roller coaster ride of lust, lies, cheating and even death. Oh noooo, did I say death? Hmmm. Is it physical or metaphoric? Inquiry minds want to know. But, not from me - at least not here.


Happy reading, FemishatheAuthor, Me!


Note: Adult content


A passion for memorable storylines comprised of inspiration and relatable characters is my 'why' for writing Hip Hop Froggie and the Blueberry Dragon - A poetic bedtime story featuring a baby of color and whimsical characters discovering that bugs and creatures, like people who look different and face different challenges, actually do many of the same things and share many of the same needs. And, one all important need, required by all bugs, creatures and people throughout the universe is revealed in this story - the need for sleep!


It is my hope that you will enjoy Hip Hop Froggie and the Blueberry Dragon along with your little ones and include it in your print or ebook libraries alongside other storytime/bedtime classics and favorites for many generations to come. 


A factual tidbit: A first read of Hip Hop Froggie and the Blueberry Dragon to my grandchildren resulted in a gentle nudge from my husband, Van; revealing that the reading had been effective in putting both me and the kids to sleep.


Until later, Peaceful Zzzz's!



Meet the Supporting Characters

Nikkie Farrington and Remington Forbes, 

The Mother and child with Hip Hop Froggie, Blu the Dragon, Fendi the Betta, Crick the Cricket!