Hip Hop Froggie and The Blueberry Dragon - Hardcopy or Paperback

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Ask most any new parent his or her concerns about child care and 9 out of 10 times they will ask: How do I get my child to sleep? Well, look no further!

Being engaged in the daily bedtime preparations of 4 tots, the two requests topping their nightly "must haves" list were:
a comfortable blanket and a bedtime story

The colorful and relatable character illustrations accompanied by a rhythmatic story are purposely installed here to engage and quiet little ones as they drift off to sleep.  

Allow the sherpa, Turner the dragonfly, to guide you through each page of this delightful sleep time story.

When HE GETS Here

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When HE GETS Here - Nikki Farrington and her best friends Lisa and Gina board the roller coaster of life. Each twist, turn and deep dive of promiscuity, lust and lies; laced with cheating and deceit is told through Nikki's eyes. As they each partake in their own indiscretions; Nikki not only flirts with the advancements of her childhood friend, Remington Forbes; she also pursues a sensual and lucrative relationship with a former co-worker, Carl Moore. A marriage proposal forces the choice between lust, love or both!